shopping and the roundy round influence…

So, the car is at my friends shop right now and I’ve been spending all the time I can there (a couple of nights last week and both days on the weekend for about 5 – 6 hours each day).  The car is at his place for several reasons.  He’s a dirt modified racer and has a sweet, well equipped shop and he’s around some of the time so he can help me make decisions about the build.  Of course being a roundy round racer means a lot of his ideas and parts suggestions and suppliers are from the dirt racing scene.  So, don’t be surprised if some of that influence shows up in the build.

Some things I’ve done since getting the car back are pulling the steering linkage and box (will be replaced by the freakride IFS), cutting away part of the rear package tray and making a template for the aluminum panel I’m going to make to close off the driver’s compartment from the trunk, starting a template for the dash, made a patch panel to close up the heater motor hole in the firewall and starting to scrape all the sound deadener on the trans tunnel and footwells to get it ready for paint.

I decided to fab a simple straight dash panel out of aluminum after experimenting with the stock dash pad.  The one I have is really in bad shape and it weighs a fair bit as well.  So I gave up on that idea and am going to have a simple straight/flat dash.

A lot of time is spent just staring at the car, trying to figure out where things should go and how I should mount various components and what parts I need and when I need them.  Some parts that have been ordered recently:

A Deka 17lb battery, Afco aluminum radiator, a steering wheel and a brake bias adjuster.

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron


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