Socal AMX Pomona thrash!!!

I went to the Socal AMX club’s AMC car show last year and vowed to come back with my Javelin.  We’ll I leave in the morning and BOY it’s been an epic thrash.  Here are some of the highlights/lowlights…

The interior if fully dynamated and the carpeting, seats and dash is mostly all back together

The center parking brake is installed and working!

The new amp rack and new door speakers are installed and the stereo works!

As for the problelms…

I orderd a set of black, cragar d-window wheels from summit. actually I ordered a pair of 17×8 for the front and a pair of 17×9 for the rears.  and I bought nitto 555 tires.  Well, the 17x9s came quickly but the 17x8s have been backordered for over a month… I made a last ditch effort by ordered another pair of 17x9s so I’d have that size all around.  However, they’re not going to get hear in time for the show.  So, that means I’m driving the 410 miles (each way) on my Kumho victoracer dot legal track tires…  not my first choice but I have been running them on the street for a while.  Hopefully there won’t be any issues.

Another, bigger issue is that I ordered rebuilt door hinges because mine have always been shot.  I’ve tried replacing the pins/bushings and tried added the door springs (which were missing on my car) but I have been unable to get my old, worn out hinges to work.  So I sprung for the replacement hinges.  I decided to go ahead and try to replace them for the show.  big mistake.  there is no way, by myself, that I can get the door aligned…  I started on the passenger side so the drivers side still works.  But, on the passenger side I’ve basically given up and have to sit on my butt and push the door closed with my foot to get it to latch.  oh, and even though I can get the door latched, the window won’t roll up in the position I have it.  So, I’m driving 900 miles with a door hanging on and a window I can’t close.

I spent last weekend, ALL WEEKEND, working on the car and realized I would never get it done in time.  So I ended up taking the last 2 days off to complete it.  Leaving in the morning.  Wish me luck!

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