Stuck on slow… NASA American Iron Javelin update

So With the car all reassembled after the 3rd link repair it was time to get out for another test session. I loaded up and headed to the track. Weather was great. Unfortunately there were no real Trans-Am cars testing. I had gotten spoiled. The last two test days I had come to had Trans- Am cars testing (including Javelins!). But not today.

Oh well. I unloaded and headed out for my first attempt. Just feeling out the car. First good thing was the exhaust leak was gone thanks to the new gasket. I did maybe 6 or 7 laps and then came it to look over the car. By this time Matt and his brother Pete, who was visiting, showed up. It was great to have some company and help! I did 3 more sessions but the best I could muster was a 1:59.9. I still feel like if I brake too hard the car shakes. It also finally sunk in that while the car is lower and I believe handles better than before it’s also 50hp weaker, due to smaller shorty headers and 150lbs heavier…

The shorties were the “easy” button to getting the car lower and running again quickly and cheaply (already had the shorties). But, losing that power has put me in a two steps forward, 1 step back situation. Not sure what my next move is but I’m pretty frustrated right now. Here’s a video of the fast lap of the day.

1974 Javelin-road race, Track Events, video

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