Sway Bar Upgrade – NASA road race Javelin update

As the suspension overhaul continues I wanted to redo the swaybar setup. What’s been on the car was a parts bin find from Joe. Steel, splined, bar mounted using Control Freak solid bar frame mounts. The arms where steel as well and hung BELOW the lower control arm. New setup is a Speedway Engineering hollow bar and aluminum arms (15lbs lighter than the old setup!). I created a mount so that I can ditch the Control Freak frame mounts. Nothing wrong with them but they are for people who don’t want to drill on a car. They bolt in so you can remove and go back to stock if you want. This is a race car so I didn’t want the extra pieces or weight. Here’s a video showing what’s what…

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Suspension, video

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