Drive Train

  • Engine: 1974 360 cid
  • Tranny: originally a 727 auto, then a t-10 4spd for a few years, now a Tremec TKO 500 5spd
  • Rear-End: stock AMC 20 with 3.15 Twin Grip and stock drum brakes

The engine was originally rebuilt buy the guy I bought the car from and had a 727 auto tranny behind it. It had a cam from a 401 engine in it and stock exhaust manifolds. In 2000 I had the engine rebuilt by John Silva from Fremont, CA. John builds his own racing engines for his dirt late model and builds engines for other people who race late models and modifieds. He did a great job. We added the lifter valley mod to increase oil to the rear bearings. He also tweaked the oil pump. I get GREAT and consistent oil pressue. He used a Comp Cams 268H-10. I also added an Edelbrock Peformer manifold, aluminum water pump, an MSD Pro-Billet Distributor, an Accel coil, headmen headers (which I later had Jet Hot coated), a mini-starter and a Holley 600cfm carb. At the same time I started collecting the parts to convert the car over to a t-10 4spd. I bought a couple of bellhousings, a couple of t-10s, a couple of pedal sets. I picked the better t-10 of the two and had it rebuilt. Johnny Franklin mufflers in Santa Rosa, CA did the exhaust and the driveshaft. In 2001 I had the car dyno’d and it made 267hp at the rear wheels (that’s approx. 300 – 310 at the flywheel) and 400ft lbs of torque.

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