the long road back… Nasa American Iron AMC Javelin update

So I had a destroyed race car and the back half of a rusty Javelin. But no idea what I was going to do with the whole mess. I talked to several body shops and emailed them pictures and got a bunch of SCARY guesstimates… I was kind of at a loss for what to do. I finally called John Pagel at Evil Genius Racing in West Sacramento. EGR are the guys who did the original cage, fuel cell mount, seat mount and pedal setup. I called to feel John out on how much it would cost to redo all that work on a new shell. John said send him pictures of the damage and he’d give me an estimate for replacing the rear clip of the damaged shell. After looking at the pictures a long time he gave me a ballpark figure but said I’d need to bring the car to him to get a more accurate quote. So I loaded up the car a couple of weeks ago and brought him the wreck. One of the many things I like about John is that he is a real optimist. He’s always positive. He said “we’ll get it fixed for you” and gave me a firmer quote which was pretty close to his initial ball park (and MUCH more reasonable than what the body shops were telling me). So I pulled the trigger and had them start. The next weekend I brought them the back half of the donor Javelin.

The guys at EGR have been BUSY. Here are pics of what they’ve gotten done. I’m still a long way from driving my car on track again but after seeing the pics John took of their progress I’m believing it will happen! Thanks EGR, you rule! Here’s a link to their facebook page that has more photos of the Javelin and other cool posts about the goings on at the shop: Evil Genius Racing facebook page

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Body and Paint


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