The REAL ‘Heartbeat of America’…

BIG NEWS! I have an engine! Drove down to L.A. (West Covina) to Speed-O-Motive on Friday. Finally got to meet George and Jeff. The motor was already set up in the dyno room. Jeff explained all the ins and outs of the motor and then warmed it up. Once it was up to operating temp he made a couple of pulls. Dyno says 456 HP and 444 TQ. That’s probably going to be on the high side of the American Iron HP and TQ to weight rule. A lot will depend on my race weight. I’ll probably have to add some ballast. We’ll see. Here’s some pics and a video of the dyno session. Now I’ve got to get the trans bolted up and get this thing in the car!

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Drive Train, video

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