The Shake Down

So I rented the skid pad at Thunder Hill today.  The plan was to beat on the car a bit and see if it held together.  A shake down prior to doing some track days with it this year…  The car performed pretty well.  The brakes and clutch feel great,  the transmission shifts nice.  all in all I was really pretty happy with everything.  There are a couple of issues however.  The steering wheel is not straight.  annoying but should be an easy fix.  the big issue is that I am leaking gear fluid out of the passenger side axle seal.  I’ve done almost everything to this car but I’ve never pulled an axle.  so, I guess there’s something new for me to learn.  also, if you watch this video, I’m not convinced my posi is working.  the couple of times I got the wheels spinning it seems like maybe only the pass. side was spinning???  finally, this adventure has taught me that I’m really going to have to spring for a separate set of track wheels/tires.  The Kumho’s I have on now suck on the street because they pick up every little pebble and throw them up into the wheel wells.  makes a racket.  so my plan is to buy some cheap steel wheels for the track and get some street tires for the wheels I have now.

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