They’re here! – NASA American Iron Javelin update

Today was a BIG day. The Control Freak IFS AND the A5 transmission were delivered! These are two big pieces of the puzzle. I didn’t get the upper control arms and a few other pieces for the IFS but I have the main cradle, lower control arms and the steering rack. Rest of the parts will be here mid next week. Also got the A5 trans from Astro Performance today. Only drag is that the bellhousing is taking a while. I ordered it from Fortes but Quicktime didn’t have any in stock I guess so we’re having to wait for them.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to finally pull the stock front suspension and get the IFS cradle installed. Next week I’m driving down to L.A. (West Covina) to pick up the motor. Things are starting to come together!

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Drive Train, Suspension

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