This and that… NASA American Iron Javelin update

I’m over due for an update. However, it’s not a very exciting time in the build. Just a million little details and trying to solve problems as they come up. So, in no particular order, here’s what I’ve been up to. The engine from Speed-o-Motive didn’t come with a water pump or a crank pulley. I put an Edelbrock waterpump on it and had a water pump pulley from a free 360 I had picked up on craigslist. So, I went looking for a used crank pulley. I found one but when I got it, of course, it didn’t line up with the water pump pulley. I thought about trying to find more used pulleys and finally decided that rather than continue my decent into “pulley hell” I needed to come up with a better solution. So I coughed up for the Bulltear serpentine system (see pic below). It comes with the crank, water pump and power steering pump pulley and the alternator mount (which I also needed). Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a power steering pump bracket but Scott W (bulletpruf on the AMC forums) is sending me a FREE bracket! And another friend is giving me a power steering pump. Hey, I need the hand outs because this car is costing a fortune!

The wiring is mostly done. I have all the dash wires cut to length and terminated with the proper connectors. When I’m sure the dash is in for the last time I’ll connect the wires. I took a second pass at cutting a hole in the dash for the cage net strap to pass through. I didn’t have the hole lined up perfectly and the strap was pulling on the dash when it was tightened. Since I had to hack on it a bit I cut a cover plate and riveted it on.

I settled on a mounting location for my accusump. I got an electric valve with it but after thinking it over I realized that with my long arms I can reach the manual valve from the drivers seat. So to simplify things I ditched the electric valve and will just go manual. Here’s a top tip. If you’re going to build a race car BEFORE you start invest in one of the AN plumbing companies. I’m sure the amount of braided hose and AN fittings I’ve bought for this car has been enough to raise the stock price! I’ve got a remote oil filter, oil cooler and the accusump. Plus 15 ft. of hose for the fuel line and another 6 feet of -8 line for the carb to fuel pump.

Speaking of fuel pumps. I don’t have one yet. I ordered a Carter pump from Summit Racing a couple of weeks ago but it’s back ordered and annoyingly the “expected arrival” date keeps getting moved back a week. It’s currently due to arrive on 4/23 but I’m HIGHLY skeptical it will actually show up.

In a recent post I mentioned a -12 AN hose from the oil pan to the oil pump that was interfering with the IFS k-member. I posted that I thought I was going to have the fitting in the oil pan moved. Change of plans. After exploring a bunch of different ideas I made the decision to CUT the tube on the IFS that’s in the way and have a new tube bent and welded that will clear the fitting. The fitting in the oil pan is for the pick up and it is boxed on the inside and is fed from two different spots in the pan. I don’t want to open the motor. So I’m hacking the IFS. I pulled the engine out for probably the 4th time and sawzall’d the offending tube out.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had bought what I thought was a 9″ posi 3rd member off craigslist that turned out to be a 9 3/8″ case (I didn’t know there was such a thing). Anyway, rather than starting a collection of 3rd members that might not be what I need I threw in the towel and bought all the parts I need to complete my 3rd member from Speedway Motors. I got a nodular case, all the bearings and the pinion support and the yoke. Then I bought a new detroit true trac on ebay. It should be assembled this week.

I welded in a couple of pieces of angle to hold the oil cooler. I ordered and received all the AN fittings and hose I need to complete the oil system plumbing. And I ordered and received the brake pads I’m going to run; Wilwood polymatrix B compound.

With the engine back on the ground I wanted to mount the bellhousing/fork and test fit the transmission. I had ordered a couple of block dowels from American Parts Depot. I got them installed and then went to mount the bellhousing and that’s when I hit yet another snag. The holes in the block plate don’t line up with the holes in the block… I ignored that problem for the moment and next tried to fit the fork. Well, that didn’t fit either. There is a fork pivot that gets screwed into the bellhousing. It’s too long, I have to back it out of the bell a full inch for the fork to fit between the pressure plate and the pivot. Obviously that won’t work. After talking to Mike at Fortes Parts I guess the answer it to simply cut the threaded pivot down to the length I need. That shouldn’t be too big a deal but it’s all these types of issues that keep the car from getting done. Instead of just assembling parts I have to constantly fix, alter, grind, remove, etc… I ended up pulling the clutch and flywheel back off the engine so I could get the block plate off. I’m going to drill out the holes so I can thread the bolts through the bellhousing/block plate into the block.

whew… I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it’s hard when you can only work a couple of days a week on it. Pics below…

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