time to get “purty”… NASA American Iron Javelin update

well it’s been a LONG time coming but the car is finally at the body shop! Ended up going with MAACO in Santa Rosa. got a couple of bids but what clinched it was that they will be able to complete the car by next week! some people have commented that they love the unpainted look the car has now. I don’t but even if I did racing organizations don’t allow you to bring junk to their races. even some of the track groups (like NCRC) require you to have a car that doesn’t look like poo… so if I want to run with NCRC in a couple of weeks and race with NASA then the body/paint need some attention.

once it’s out of the paint shop I still need to get the graphics/numbers done and applied. Jeff knows a guy so I’ll get working on that next. stay tuned!

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Body and Paint

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