Track Attack! – Infineon Raceway

I got an email from Phil at Your Private Track Day a few weeks ago about an event he was putting on today at Infineon. The track is about 40 minutes from my house and only 10 minutes from work so even though work is crazy right now I couldn’t pass it up. I also got my friend to sign up and bring his 1969 AMX out! Now the ’69 is more of an old school hot rod so it’s not really that track friendly. So my friend rented a Miata for two sessions and did finally run the AMX in the 3rd session for about 6 laps before the brakes faded…

I hadn’t been on track at Infineon in 10 years and it was a first for the ’73. We were running a modified IRL circuit which means after the esses we went straight to a slow chicane which then makes turn 10 a slower turn but instead of cutting the run to 11 short we went all the way to 11. Today was also my first day using my new RaceChrono GPS lap timer. I had a few issues with it (mostly related to me getting used to how it works) but I did get most of my sessions recorded.

I also booked a couple of sessions of driving instruction from Perry Richardson. He’s great. I had a session with him at Thunderhill in May and it was hugely helpful. I really like his style when it comes to driver coaching. Looking forward to working with him again.

Two videos below. First is a single lap but it has data from the lap timer overlaid. I don’t think I got the GPS data 100% in sync with the video but it’s pretty close. Second is a compilation of highlights from the day including bonus video of me behind my friends ’69 AMX for one lap.

Oh, one final call to arms. Norcal AMC people, get your AMC’s track ready and come JOIN ME! I want to form an AMC track gang and need members asap!

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