Trans is IN! – NASA American Iron Javelin update

ok, this is a big milestone. The transmission is in the car! I also made good progress on getting the stock crossmember to work with it. I had to notch the crossmember to clear the tailshaft of the trans. Now that that’s done I just need to figure out how I’m going to bridge the gap between the trans mounting ears and the cross member.

With the trans in I was able to cut my trans tunnel for the shifter. Here’s where going with the Astro Performance A5 transmission paid off. When I installed the Tremec TKO in my ’73 Javelin I had to really cut open the trans tunnel. The A5 is a lot smaller though so I only had to cut a small opening to allow the shifter to be bolted on. I then topped it off with a simple aluminum panel. I’ll rivet it in place once I’m sure the trans is in for good.

The front and rear brakes are back on and the brake alignment issues are sorted out (thanks Joe!). We ended up needing to turn down the rotors about .030 on each side in addition to getting the caliper centered on the rotor. I also got and installed the longer wheel studs on the front hubs. The axles have been installed and the rear is ready for fluid!

When Joe was over helping with the brakes he mentioned that I should make a stop for my cage net. He told me that when the car is running and rattling that the top net bar was going to slide through and then it would fall in my lap. So I made a little piece to capture the non-sprung side of the top net bar.

I ordered a few more AN fittings I need to finish the oil system and plumb the fuel pump. I haven’t gotten the fuel pump in yet but that should be next. And I sent the power steering pulley back to Bulltear and am waiting for them to send me the correct one.

Oh, and I have to thank a couple of fellow AMC’ers out there who helped out by sending me some FREE parts. Really appreciate it. Got a throttle cable from Bruce (68AMX on and got a throttle bracket and alternator/power steering bracket from John (Sancapjj on Thanks again guys!

Also picked up some aluminum to do the rear window straps with and ordered the auto glass adhesive from Summit. I need to get the rear glass cleaned up and back on the car. Then I can make my straps. Once I have the car basically “done” I’ll take it to Johnny Franklin Mufflers in Santa Rosa, CA. They’ll do the exhaust and also the drive shaft. Then it will be ready to go back to Miracle Auto body in Napa for the exterior paint job.

Here’s a bunch of pics:

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron

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