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I might have said it in another post but it’s worth repeating.  Running your car on track vibrates the SH!T out of everything.  Got the car on jackstands this weekend so I can do some prep for Laguna in November.  One of the first things I found was this (see pic).  MANY of the various screws holding the grille assembly in had shaken out. One of the mounting tabs is broken and 2 of the 4 L-brackets that hold the grille in are gone! The whole grille was probably close to just EJECTING itself out of the car the next time I braked hard into a turn?!    I’m going to switch a few of the fasteners to bolts with locking nuts and the rest of the screws I’ll give a glob of RTV to hopefully stop them from rattling their way out. I can’t remember if the ’74 Javelin I’m building the race car out of had the L-brackets or not.  I’ll have to dig through a bunch of parts and see.  If not I’ll have to make some replacements…  So, if you’re tracking an old car like this, nut and bolt it regularly and thoroughly.  Assume that every fastener is going to back itself out and either loctite it, safety-wire it or do something else to try to keep it tight.

1973 Javelin-street, Misc

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