Victory in Pomona!

wow!  what a trip!  I drove about 900 miles over the last 3 days.  had a great time at the Socal AMX club’s ALL AMC car show.  Just like last year it was in the parking lot at the NHRA museum.  Great show!  One particularly interesting car there was a 1969 AMX 600 that Craig Breedlove used to own.  Really interesting car.  Also got to hang out with Jon Feltis and his dad.  great people and they are building (rebuilding) their cool 1969 Javelin with a killer new front suspension will all corvette C6 components.  Wow!

Oh, and I won a FIRST PLACE trophy… crazy.  I was in “Javelin Modified” class and there were only 2 other cars in that class so I realized I was definitely going to win a trophy.  I was shocked  to get first place though.  My javelin was the least “nice” of the group, with all it’s paint chips and the bugs in the grille from the drive (I didn’t even wash it).  But, I can confidently say I had the MOST modified javelin, so if that was the criteria then I guess it makes sense.

I was really impressed and happy with how well the car performed.  with the tko 5 speed it just cruises on the highway.  it does wander now and then over certain surfaces.  don’t know if that’s because of the wheels or not.  it’s got a street alignment on it… dunno.

coming back over the grapevine was COLD!!!!  I have no heat or AC in this car and it was down right FRIGID for about 20 minutes…  some day I’d like to put a vintage air system in.

Here’s a time lapse of the show I shot with my go pro camera. enjoy.

socal amx 2010

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