what’s a clutch box???

when I switched over from the T10 4-speed to the Tremec 5-speed I also changed from a mechanical clutch linkage to an hydraulic clutch. that meant I needed to mount a clutch master cylinder on the firewall. for some reason I refused to acknowledge the truth of LEVERAGE and mounted it too low. well, the reason was because it was easier to drill the holes and get it mounted lower down. the problem? without leverage I couldn’t depress the pedal at all! my second attempt moved it up a few inches. this made the pedal useable but it was still pretty heavy. so, I’ve decided to go for it and move it as high as possible so that the linkage is right below the pivot point of the pedal. that’s where all the leverage is and I expect a very light clutch pedal once I’m done. however, I have power brakes and the master (it’s a remote master btw) and the booster can’t occupy the same space. the solution I came up with is to make a box that allows me to mount the master a couple of inches INBOARD from the fire wall which solves the interference problem with the booster. these pics should explain what I’m going after. the box is done but I still need to actually weld it to the firewall and patch the hole left from removing the stock wiring harness. oh… I’ve decided to try to get the car together enough to drive to the AMC show at the end of may. not sure I’ll make it but I’m going to give it a shot. more to come…

1973 Javelin-street, Interior, pedals

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