Yellow Javelin Update

Since I’ve moved I’ve been able to go to the local AMC club meetings every month. I finally took the Javelin to a meeting and the car was overheating. It was weird. it’d get to 200* when stopped at a light but then go down when moving… I only had a 20 minute drive so I was able to get to the meeting and back without out it getting crazy hot. I figured the easiest thing to do was replace the thermostat. I did that and took it for a test drive. It still ran hot. So, even though the water pump doesn’t have that many miles on it I decided to replace the pump. Bought a replacement online and installed it. Bingo, overheating issue solved. I expected to see something obviously wrong with the old pump when I removed it, but no. Impeller shaft doesn’t wobble and don’t really know how else a water pump could go bad…

Another thing that I did was pick up a set of used auto store vinyl bucket seats. Got the pair for $175. So I pulled the Corbeau A4 drivers seat that’s been in the car for 10 years and replaced it with these seats. Had to do a bunch of seat track mods to get them in. Now I have a matched pair. Looks much better to have matching seats BUT this seat is not as comfortable as the Corbeau seat was. I need something (towel, small pillow) at the small of my back or it starts hurting in like 15 minutes…

It’s been a lot of fun getting to drive the car again semi-regularly. There’s a car show in June the club always goes to and I plan on taking it this year. I’m not really a car show guy but I like the idea of getting as many AMC’s in one place as possible so I’ll go to support the club and the AMC cause!

New Seats!

1973 Javelin-street, Drive Train, Interior

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