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Gremlin Track Rat – gutting doors and buying parts!

So I’ve been splitting time between the Javelin and the Gremlin. At this point I’ve completely removed the interior and pulled the engine/trans. I haven’t explained why the motor came out so let me tell that story. I had originally … Continue reading

1975 Track Gremlin, Body and Paint, Drive Train

Norcal AMC “work day”

So, 99.99% of the time, when I work on my cars, I’m solo. I don’t mind it but I do think it’s nice to have another set of eyes and hands to help with projects. So, I suggested a “work … Continue reading

1975 Track Gremlin, Norcal AMC, video

Gremlin Track Rat – Scarebird Disc Brake upgrade

So, I’m trying to get the Gremlin track worthy. One of the first things I knew had to happen was ditching the front drum brakes and getting disc brakes. My goal for this car is a BUDGET FRIENDLY / PARTS … Continue reading

1975 Track Gremlin, Brakes

New Project – Gremlin Track Rat begins!

With the Javelin mostly back together I’ve started poking at the Gremlin. I was debating whether to try to make it a daily driver or a track car. I’ve had this car for like 7 years but I’ve spent almost … Continue reading

1975 Track Gremlin