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The “bars” are back in town – NASA American Iron Javelin Update…

Got the Javelin back from Evil Genius Racing. The 3rd link mount has been fixed. They plated a much larger area around the 3rd link box and added the support bars the car originally had from the main hoop to … Continue reading

1974 Javelin-road race, Body and Paint, Brakes, Drive Train

Testing fail – strike TWO! NASA American Iron Javelin upate

After the first test was a total fail I wasn’t 100% sure what the problem was. Best guess was the rack was bad so I went to Napa and got a replacement. Got the rack swapped out and reset the … Continue reading

1974 Javelin-road race, Brakes, Track Events

Gremlin Track Rat – Scarebird Disc Brake upgrade

So, I’m trying to get the Gremlin track worthy. One of the first things I knew had to happen was ditching the front drum brakes and getting disc brakes. My goal for this car is a BUDGET FRIENDLY / PARTS … Continue reading

1975 Track Gremlin, Brakes

OWWWW!!!!!! !@#$%&^!!@!… NASA American Iron Javelin Update

ok, if you’re building yourself a race car might I suggest the following… TRY to avoid dropping a flywheel on it’s end onto your pinky. There’s nothing like the serrated end of a flywheel to both crush and cut open … Continue reading

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Brakes, Drive Train

Plan B… NASA American Iron Javelin update.

Ok, if you’ve been following along you know I spent several weeks stewing over the brake/clutch reservoirs I mounted on the firewall. They just weren’t high enough relative to the pedal mounted masters and the hose routing was going to … Continue reading

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Brakes

Braking news… NASA American Iron Javelin update

Man… that took a lot longer than I thought it would but I finally have the front suspension and brakes ALMOST finished. I had a major problem trying to get the power rack in. First I found out that the … Continue reading

1974 Javelin-road race, American Iron, Brakes, Suspension, Wheels and Tires

Thunderhill Punch List…

This weekend was about making sure the car is ready for my track day at Thunderhill this coming Friday. I had a number of items I needed to do. I put the car up on jack stands, pulled off my … Continue reading

1973 Javelin-street, Brakes, pedals, Track Events

happy 4th! mostly brakes today

well, while you were all eating hot dogs and hamburgers I was busting butt trying to get the Javelin that much closer to being done. I bought a wilwood brake proportioning valve about a year ago and am just now … Continue reading

1973 Javelin-street, Brakes